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Spectra SM Print Head (NEW)

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NEW Spectra Galaxy Print Head SM
These print heads are not reconditioned. They were removed directly from a working machine and there are many available.  If you need a input manifold for this head please contact me as I have several different types from different Gandinnovations and Agfa JETI Printers like Aquajet, Galaxy, 1224, 3150, 3150 x-2, 2030, 2030 x-2, 3300, 3312, 3318, 3324, 5000, 5018 and 5024. These can be used for many more machines outside of the jeti line.  
 If you need assistance please don't hesitate to contact me for installations instructions and basic DOs and DON'Ts. 
If you have other print heads that are clogged and would like to receive a $25-$50 credit you can send them to us and we use them for parts or reconditioning. Please contact us for more details. 
We also offer phone support, tech service and offer machine refurbishing services for all Gandinnovations/Agfa jeti pirnters. 
NOTE: The Head in the photo is just and example of how they are shipped and the condition they are in and is not the exact serial number of the head you will purchase.